Landscaping Services to Suit Your Property

When your garden needs a bit of TLC, our garden landscapers are sure to have the right service for you.
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Fencing and walls

Fencing and walls can make all the difference to your garden and home – they keep your property safe and secure, can keep out pests and keep in pets, and can improve the appearance of your garden drastically. Get your walls and fences put up right and well maintained with our specialised landscaping services throughout the Oxfordshire area.

Hard and soft landscaping

Hard landscaping services, refers to garden work that uses materials to create form and structure – such as fencing, gravelling, paving, and patios. Soft landscaping refers to the use of plants, trees and turf. M&C Paving in Oxfordshire, uses both soft and hard landscaping to make your garden look stunning.

Drainage and groundwork

If your driveway or patio is installed incorrectly, there may not be sufficient drainage below and surrounding the structure. This means that the water from rainfall can lie on your patio, driveway or lawn for a long time, causing structural damage and looking unsightly. We can install drainage to prevent this water from leaking into your home and garage.
Patterned pathway
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